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Deborah Hooper Meta (1994 – 2015)

Though I have taken my last breath on this earth and this body; of no use now, will be ashes;  my soul and essence is not gone. Imagine me as in a home of many rooms. I have just moved to another. Whatever we were to each other has not altered. Please remember me, often and by my familiar name; Deborah.

When you speak about me, may it be not difficult, but with fond remembrance of the times we shared. So, laugh, play, sing…and most of all, pray for me. May my name be a part of your thoughts as it always was and without effort.

Our family, friendship means all the same as it ever was; there is absolutely no unbroken continuity. Though I am not in your sight, why should I be out of your thoughts, your memories?  I am waiting for you, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is fine…Nothing is lost nor  past.  In one brief moment,  everything will be as it was before…only better, infinitely happier and forever…We will all be together with Christ.